Podcasts and Small Businesses

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Podcasts are revolutionizing business in a modern way and changing the way branding, product education, and marketing are traditionally managed. With about 32% of Americans (Statista, 2019) listening to podcasts at least once a month, they have become an essential way for virtual businesses to maintain a human connection and allow listeners to get to know the culture, values, and brand behind each small business. Podcasts are also creating a different form of community and are changing the way client relationships are built and maintained.

Podcasts are engaging and interactive. Listeners connect with the speakers and feel like they know them and can trust them. The relationship between a business and a customer can be hard to establish with normal marketing tools, yet podcasting allows potential customers to feel like they are part of a community and have a relationship with the business.

Podcasts allow small businesses to expand their marketing beyond print or social media, and reach many new potential customers. It is a perfect platform for cross promotion and enlarging a business’ influence and affiliations and provides the opportunity for a small business to associate with other more established brands.

Podcasting is not only one of the most effective marketing tools, but it is also an invaluable form of educating listeners on your business, product, or service. Through a well organized and formatted podcast, a small business can establish themselves as an expert in their field, increase credibility, and validate themselves and their brand. Small business is changing rapidly, and podcasts are one way that businesses can stay relevant and connected to their target market.

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