With over 10 years of production and audio experience, Will Retherford began creating one show after the next alongside his life and business partner, Charis Retherford. Charis navigates true north for Citizens of Sound as the Director of Content and Marketing Strategy. Together, they have successfully launched Citizens of Sound becoming a nationally recognized Podcast Production Agency helping hundreds of individuals and organizations develop podcasts and audio content for their unique audiences.

With over 1 million downloads across their catalogue of clientele, Citizens of Sound continues achieving new heights by committing to the evolution of the podcast industry expanding into a universe of its own. Citizens of Sound produces creative shows with innovative marketing strategies designed to rise above the ocean of content creators.

“Connection is our future of communication” is the beating heart of Citizens of Sound. It is this purpose as to why Will and Charis believe in the work they do every day. Relationships are the most important part of the podcast process whether it’s between the producer and client or the host and guest. Citizens of Sound creates the spotlight for your relationships to shine.

With a large clientele base in Los Angeles, Citizens of Sound specializes in coming alongside celebrities and others in the television and film industry looking to use podcasting as a tool for developing content and sharing stories. As Citizens of Sound has developed countless voices in the TV & film industries, Citizens of Sound turns no one away. No topic is too niche or off-the-wall. Citizens of Sound proudly boasts an eclectic, inclusive, and entertaining assortment of shows with doctors, fitness coaches, musicians, spiritual guides, influencers, business owners, philosophers, actors, comedians, activists, and more.

Citizens of Sound is honored to have produced shows featured on Apple Podcasts which include A Little Bit Culty with Sarah and Nippy from HBO’s The Vow, Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra, and Invest Your Best with Ali Kay. Citizens co-created the popular show “A Little Bit Culty” and walked alongside them as they took the next step in partnering with Acast Media - a label offering sponsorship opportunities and PR strategies as seen on Entertainment Tonight.

Citizens of Sound is continuing to grow through building its crew members and infrastructure. With the addition of full video support being made available in the first quarter of 2021, Citizens of Sound is ecstatic to expand its horizons and redefine what podcasting can be as we move into the bright future.

Whether a small business or someone looking to get into the podcast universe, we would love to partner with you anywhere from origin to launch, and every stop along the way. Your voice fills the space while we build and create. We're changing our universe on podcast at a time. Won't you join us?

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