A Little Bity Culty Review

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“A Little Bit Culty” is a fascinating new podcast that gives listeners an insider's view of the indoctrination, lifestyle, manipulation, escape, and recovery process from a wide variety of cults and cult-like organizations. Hosts, Sarah Edmondson and her husband Anthony “Nippy” Ames draw on their own experiences as part of the NXIVM cult, as documented on the HBO series “The Vow,” as well as interview other survivors and nationally acclaimed experts, researchers, authors, and professionals to help others understand, heal from, and avoid abusive and cultic organizations.

Sarah and Nippy are authentic, honest, and vulnerable as they engage with their guests and the listener. Whether listening to a survivor's experience in an Alt-Right, religious or self-help cult, or gaining powerful insight from top experts such as Dr. Janja Lalich, author of “Take Back Your Life: Recovering From Cults and Abusive Relationships,” or Joyce Short, founder and director of Consent Awareness Network (CAN), listeners are drawn into enlightening, raw, helpful, and relatable discussions. The episodes of “A Little Bit Culty” are powerful and relatable and bring abusive and cultic behavior in the open allowing listeners to see how cults and abusive organizations affect both individuals and groups of people.

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